Anda Deng

Anda Deng

I'm highly skilled artist with experience in game, film, AI, VR and toy industries. I'm able to deliver high quality both realistic and stylized game/film ready 3D assets. My skill sets include organic and hard surface modeling, hair, low-res retopology with optimized UVs, texturing, PBR materials, lighting, rendering, shading in UE5, FACS, rigging, painting, drawing and many more. I have strong knowledge of human anatomy, color theory, forms and structure. I'm also an official Judge for The Rookie Awards.


University of Utah – Entertainment Arts and Engineering, MEAE (No.1 Game Program)

University of Utah – Film and Media Arts, BA


  • Artstation Most Popular 2019
  • CG Society CG Award
  • CG Society Featured Awards
  • 3D Total Editor’s Pick
  • 3D Total Excellence Award
  • 3D Total Runners Up



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